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  • PG-13
  • 2003
  • 1 hr 35 min
  • 7.0  (4,814)
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In the movie Respiro, we are introduced to Grazia (played by Valeria Golino), a free-spirited woman living on the small Italian island of Lampedusa. She is a member of a tight-knit community where tradition and values are highly respected. Grazia, however, is not your typical island woman; she is quirky, impulsive, and downright wild.

Despite being married to Pietro (Vincenzo Amato) and having three children, Grazia's unconventional behavior has caused her to be a source of gossip amongst the locals, who consider her to be mentally unstable. Her carefree nature often causes her to tiptoe on the edge of reason, and her family tries to keep this a secret from the communal eyes.

However, Grazia’s behavior quickly comes to a head when she sets free her husband's fishing boat, something that her husband values more than anything else in the world. Pietro, clearly upset, becomes angry and accuses Grazia of being crazy. The situation quickly spirals out of control, and Grazia's family is left to pick up the pieces.

As the movie unfolds, we see the struggle that Grazia's family goes through as they try to come to terms with Grazia's behavior. Her eldest son, Pasquale (Francesco Casisa), who is on the cusp of manhood, becomes increasingly frustrated with Grazia's actions and eventually leaves the island to attend school in the city. Meanwhile, Grazia's relationship with her husband becomes strained as he tries to cope with her behavior and protect the family's reputation.

The story is a perfect blend of drama, emotion, and intrigue, making it impossible to turn away from. The performances by the cast are outstanding; Valeria Golino puts in an exceptional performance as Grazia, perfectly capturing the free-spirited and unpredictable nature of her character. Vincenzo Amato is similarly excellent; he portrays the frustration and pain he feels towards his wife's behavior with heart-wrenching precision.

The movie's beautiful setting on the island of Lampedusa is an integral part of the film, creating a sense of isolation and remoteness that perfectly reflects the characters' lives. The film's cinematography is beautiful, capturing the island's stunning seascapes and picturesque vistas, which are shown in vivid detail.

What makes Respiro such an excellent movie is that it tackles essential themes such as tradition, family, and personal freedom while remaining faithful to its story's emotional core. The film's complex characters and arresting setting make it a cinematic experience not to be missed.

Overall, Respiro is a fantastic movie that combines drama, emotion, and stunning cinematography to create a moving and thought-provoking story. Highly recommended for anyone who loves a compelling, character-driven film that explores the intricate complexities of life.

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