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"Dreams do come true."
  • PG
  • 1994
  • 1 hr 48 min
  • 7.8  (38,077)
  • 81

Il Postino, released in 1994, is a beautiful Italian film directed by Michael Radford, starring Massimo Troisi, Philippe Noiret and Maria Grazia Cucinotta. Based on a novel by Antonio Skármeta, called "Ardiente paciencia", this movie delivers a story about the joys and struggles of a simple man living in a small fishing village in Italy, whose life changes forever after meeting a famous poet.

The plot revolves around Mario Ruoppolo, a young man who lives a quiet life, delivered by his father to be a postman in the village, on the beautiful island of Procida. Mario desires to be something more, but he seems to lack the courage to take any risks. Him being a shy and introverted person makes finding a girlfriend a distant endeavor. He spends his days delivering letters with his bicycle, fascinated by how much people trust him to carry their intimate secrets, and where he discovers his passion for poetry.

One day, Mario is assigned to deliver mail to the famous and exiled Chilean poet Pablo Neruda. The poet arrived on the island without any fanfare and his presence awakens something inexplicable in Mario's heart. Fascinated by the poet's love for a woman, Mario seeks his advice and wisdom, his knowledge, and his experience. As a result of their unlikely friendship, Mario learns to write love letters and express himself and his emotions through poetry. Along the way, Mario finds his inner voice and becomes bolder, more passionate, and more confident.

But, the idyllic world that Mario has created with Pablo comes to an end when the poet receives a message that he will be returning to Chile. Mario is devastated at the news, realizing that the only support and inspiration in his life will no longer be around. However, Pablo recognizes Mario's true talent, and he promises him that he will make him his one and only assistant. Mario embarks on the project with great hope and ambition, but he quickly learns that inspiration does not always emerge easily. The loss of his mentor leaves Mario in a state of shock and disbelief, which leads him to quit his new position and return to his previous life as a postman.

Although the turning point in the story is when Pablo Neruda leaves Mario on his own, it does not end there. A subplot comes into play as Mario falls in love with a beautiful barmaid, Beatrice Russo, played by Maria Grazia Cucinotta. Although Beatrice does not return his feelings right away, Mario persists, convinced that he must unwaveringly pursue the woman he loves.

The film's breathtaking shots of Procida Island combined with Troisi's powerful and touching performance as Mario make for a beautiful experience. Massimo Troisi delivers a masterful performance as the sweet and naively naive postman. Philippe Noiret as Pablo Neruda, gives a tremendous yet empathetic performance as a passionate man, a man who loves what he does, but is suffering from the trauma of being pushed into exile.

Il Postino is a classic movie that tells a beautiful story of friendship and love between two men from different worlds. The movie serves as a reminder of Italy's cultural and artistic heritage, as well as its charm and beauty. The themes of friendship, love, and creativity are timeless, making this film a timeless masterpiece that should be enjoyed time and time again.

Il Postino
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