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"The Colosseum . . the battleground of Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris."
  • R
  • 1972
  • 1 hr 39 min
  • 7.2  (40,620)
  • 58

Return of the Dragon is a 1972 martial arts film directed and starring the legendary Bruce Lee as Tang Lung. The film also features Chuck Norris as Colt, an American martial artist who challenges Tang Lung to a fight, and Nora Miao as Chen Ching Hua, a local restaurant owner and friend of Tang Lung. The film is set in Rome, Italy and follows Tang Lung, who is sent from Hong Kong to help Chen defend her restaurant from a group of mobsters who want to take over the neighborhood. Along the way, Tang Lung must navigate a different culture, language barriers, and his own personal beliefs about fighting and violence.

The film opens with Tang Lung arriving at the Rome airport, where he immediately finds himself in a scuffle with some rough airport workers. With his signature quickness and skill, Tang Lung dispatches the workers easily and heads out into Rome to find Chen's restaurant.

When he arrives, he discovers that the restaurant has become the target of a group of local mobsters led by a man named Ho (Wei Ping-ou). With the help of Chen and her employees, Tang Lung sets out to defend the restaurant and take on the thugs.

Tang Lung quickly distinguishes himself as an exceptional fighter, but his actions sometimes go against his traditional values of not using his martial arts skills to bully others. This creates some conflict within himself and between him and Chen. Chuck Norris's character, Colt, is introduced as a formidable opponent and looks to be Tang's greatest challenge.

The climax of the film takes place in the Colosseum, where Tang Lung faces off against Colt in an epic martial arts battle. The fight scene is considered one of the best in martial arts cinema history, and it truly showcases Bruce Lee's incredible skills as a fighter.

The film does an excellent job of blending action, comedy, and a touch of drama. Bruce Lee shines as the charismatic and skilled Tang Lung, and the film provides some great moments of humor that help to lighten the mood. Nora Miao is also excellent as Chen, a strong-willed and independent woman who is just as skilled a fighter as Tang Lung.

Return of the Dragon is a timeless classic that has been admired by martial arts fans and film lovers alike for nearly fifty years. The film is a testament to Bruce Lee's incredible talents as a martial artist, choreographer, and actor, and it remains a must-see for anyone with an interest in martial arts cinema.

Return of the Dragon
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    7.2  (40,620)
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