Return to Two Moon Junction

"She Had Everything Except What She Desired Most"
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Return to Two Moon Junction is a 1990's romance and drama film directed by Farhad Mann with a screenplay by Zalman King, MacGregor Douglas and Dyanne Asimow. Return to Two Moon Junction stars, Melinda Clarke, Wendy Davis and Louise Fletcher. The plot of the film centers in on a young and beautiful woman named Savannah Delongpre. She works as a successful runway model in the bustling Big Apple but is dissatisfied with the push and pull of day-to-day activities and moves to the country to both get away from her stressful former life and reconnect with her family. However, while there she falls for a young man with an ancient feud against her family. This sets of a chain of romance and revenge which threatens all that Savannah holds dear.

| 1994 | 1 hr 36 min | 3.1/10
Melinda Clarke, John Clayton Schafer, Louise Fletcher, Wendy Davis
Farhad Mann
Produced By
Zalman King
Return to Two Moon Junction
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Also starring Melinda Clarke