The Game of Love

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  • TV-G
  • 2016
  • 1 hr 29 min
  • 4.1  (144)

The Game of Love is a romantic comedy movie from 2016, starring Heather Locklear, Lochlyn Munro, and Tom Stevens. The movie tells the story of a successful matchmaking company run by former Hollywood child actress Agatha (Heather Locklear) who has a 100% success rate in bringing people together. Her company, named Game of Love, is famous for exclusively taking on clients who are interested in genuine love and long-term relationships.

Agatha's latest clients are Olivia (Emeraude Toubia) and her brother Sebastian (Jake Sandvig). Both siblings have completely different backgrounds and personalities, but they both have one shared goal: to find true love. Olivia is a successful businesswoman with a no-nonsense attitude, while Sebastian is a hopeless romantic who has gone through several failed relationships. They have unique obstacles in their search for love, but Agatha guarantees she can find them their perfect matches.

Observing the dynamic and fun interactions between the two, Agatha becomes inspired to take on a new challenge: to find herself a match. However, she feels that she must rely on her own resources, despite constantly presenting herself as ‘too busy.’ After enduring several bizarre first dates and an embarrassing mishap with a client, the usually confident matchmaker starts to doubt her skills.

Meanwhile, Olivia and Sebastian are being set up on dates with their perfect matches by Agatha but are having different experiences. It seems that Agatha's matchmaking skills may have finally met their match when Olivia and her perfectly matched boyfriend, Trevor (Tom Stevens), start to clash over their views on a major business deal. Even Sebastian's match isn't going as planned, and he has to decide whether to give up on happily ever after or keep trying.

Contemplating on a possible failure, Agatha is reminded by her father (Lochlyn Munro) that love is about taking risks and being open to possibilities. With fresh motivation, she comes up with a plan that could push things in the right direction.

The Game of Love brings an exciting and quirky twist to the usual romantic comedy formula, offering plenty of laughs and several heartwarming moments. The cast is fantastic, with Locklear showcasing her acting chops in a role not often seen from her. Her chemistry with Munro’s character is enjoyable to watch, offering a comic relief to the story when needed. Emeraude Toubia's portrayal of Olivia is excellent, projecting her character with confidence while still showing vulnerability. Jake Sandvig delivers an excellent performance as the young romantic, making him easy to root for.

The movie is also visually appealing, with beautiful scenes in Los Angeles and stunning surrounding landscapes. Additionally, the movie showcases beautiful production quality, with scenes creating a perfect atmosphere for a romantic comedy.

In terms of the plot, The Game of Love offers an unpredictable storyline and unexpected revelations about the characters, allowing the audience to develop uncertainty about the characters' romantic outcomes. The character development is especially notable in this film, showing the audience that everyone has their own unique love story that needs to play out.

In conclusion, The Game of Love is an entertaining and charming romantic comedy movie. It is a refreshing take on a genre that can often feel formulaic and stale. The film features great performances from its lead actors, an intriguing storyline, and some truly beautiful visuals. It is the perfect movie to watch when you want to be entertained and feel good at the end.

The Game of Love
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