Robot Jox

"The ultimate killing machine. Part Man. Part Metal."
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Robot Jox is a futuristic science fiction film, starring Gary Graham, Anne-Marie Johnson and Paul Koslo. Following a nuclear war that destroyed the two global superpowers, war has been outlawed. All the remaining countries have chosen sides and either support the American-dominated Market and USSR-dominated Confederation. Each time there is a conflict that cannot be resolved by diplomacy, the two sides meet in a gladiatorial contest between two huge humanoid robots, piloted by the titular "robot jox".

The Market champion, Achilles, is approaching his tenth contract fight, at the end of which he'll be able to retire and avoid dying in the ring. His final fight is against his rival, the Confederation champion, Alexander. In their fight, Alexander executes a devious trick and launches a missile toward a seating area for spectators which causes Achilles to jump in the way, sacrificing his robot and saving some of the spectators. Due to the disqualification, both sides declare their jock the winner.

Despite this, Achilles retires due to guilt over the deaths of some of the spectators and the fact that he has fulfilled his obligation to ten fights. The Market decides his replacement, a bio-enhanced woman named Athena, will be able to decisively win fights due to her cold demeanor and intense training. As Achilles learns more about the politics behind the scenes of the fights, he reneges on his vow and realizes he needs to get back in the ring to stop the senseless mayhem of the fights.

Combining stop motion special effects and an exciting future setting, this film manages to discuss geopolitics, the futility of war and the nature conflict resolution in a dramatic way.

| 1989 | 1 hr 25 min | 5.4/10
Gary Graham, Anne-Marie Johnson, Paul Koslo, Robert Sampson
Stuart Gordon
Robot Jox
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