Daughter of Darkness - Digitally Remastered

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  • NR
  • 1990
  • 1 hr 29 min
  • 5.1  (947)

Daughter of Darkness is a 1990 horror film that tells the story of a young woman named Charlotte (Mia Sara) who is set to inherit a fortune from her father, a wealthy and powerful businessman. Her father's sudden death brings her closer to her stepmother (Laurie Main) and half-brother (J.J. Leigh), who were not exactly part of Charlotte's immediate family. Despite their initial animosity, Charlotte is determined to take control of her father's fortune and start a new life for herself.

However, something mysterious and sinister begins to happen to Charlotte as she spends more time in her father's mansion. She starts to have vivid and terrifying nightmares that leave her shaken and confused. Things begin to spiral out of control when Charlotte meets a handsome stranger named Michael (Robert Reynolds) who seems to know more about her and her father's true nature than he initially lets on.

As Charlotte tries to come to grips with her father's death and overcome her fears, she is plagued by dark supernatural forces that seem to be guiding her towards a dark and uncertain future. Along the way, she meets other characters who may or may not be on her side, including a compassionate doctor (Anthony Perkins) who tries to help her get to the bottom of her father's secrets.

Daughter of Darkness was remastered in 2021 for a new generation of horror fans to enjoy. The new version features improved sound and visual quality, as well as additional footage that adds depth and complexity to the original storyline. The film is a classic example of horror cinema from the 1990s, and has paved the way for other horror films of its kind in the years since its release.

The film's star-studded cast features many familiar faces, including Anthony Perkins, who is best known for his iconic role in Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho. Mia Sara and Robert Reynolds bring a fresh energy to the film as the main protagonists, while Laurie Main and J.J. Leigh add depth and complexity to their complex characters. The film's dark and haunting score, composed by John Massari, is an integral part of the movie's atmosphere and helps to set the tone for the film's suspenseful and often terrifying scenes.

Daughter of Darkness is a classic horror movie that explores themes of family, inheritance, and the supernatural. It is a must-see for lovers of horror cinema and anyone who enjoys a good mystery. The film's gripping storyline, strong performances, and atmospheric setting make it a standout example of the horror genre from the 1990s.

The film's director, Stuart Gordon, is known for his work in the horror and science fiction genres, with classic credits including Re-Animator, From Beyond, and Fortress, among others. Daughter of Darkness is just another example of Gordon's talent for crafting suspenseful, paranoid, and often surreal horror stories that keep audiences on the edge of their seats.

In conclusion, Daughter of Darkness is a classic horror film that has stood the test of time. Its compelling storyline, strong performances, and eerie atmosphere make it a standout example of the horror genre from the 1990s. Whether you are a seasoned horror film buff or a casual moviegoer looking for a good scare, Daughter of Darkness is a must-see.

Daughter of Darkness - Digitally Remastered
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