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  • 1972
  • 6.4  (41)

Roop Tera Mastana is a romantic drama film from 1972 starring Jeetendra, Mumtaz Askari, and I.S. Johar. The movie is directed by Khalid Akhtar and produced by S.K. Kapur. The film revolves around the story of Sunder (Jeetendra), a struggling artist who falls in love with Sapna (Mumtaz), a famous actress. Sunder is an unsuccessful artist who is always looking for a break. He comes across Sapna, who is shooting for a film near his house, and is immediately smitten by her.

Despite her initial arrogance towards him, Sapna is eventually drawn towards Sunder's charm and kindness. She also finds out that Sunder has a hidden talent for painting, and encourages him to pursue it. The two grow closer and soon fall in love.

However, their love story is not without its obstacles. Sapna's manager, played by I.S. Johar, disapproves of their relationship and tries everything in his power to break them apart. He sees Sunder as a hindrance to Sapna's career, and wants to marry her off to a wealthy businessman.

Sapna, on the other hand, is torn between her love for Sunder and her loyalty towards her manager. She is also haunted by a tragic incident from her past, which has left her emotionally scarred.

The movie is famous for its melodious songs, including the title track "Roop Tera Mastana" and "Chandan Sa Badan." The chemistry between Jeetendra and Mumtaz is also a highlight of the film, with their on-screen romance being a delight to watch.

Roop Tera Mastana is a quintessential Bollywood romance which captures the essence of love, sacrifice, and passion. It is a tale of two individuals from different worlds, who fall in love against all odds. The movie also deals with themes of female agency and the struggles faced by artists trying to make it big in Mumbai's film industry.

Overall, Roop Tera Mastana is a must-watch film for anyone who enjoys classic Bollywood romance movies. Its timeless songs and captivating storyline make it a movie that is sure to leave a lasting impression on the viewer.

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    6.4  (41)