'Salem's Lot

"In a small town, evil spreads quickly."
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Salem's Lot consists of flashbacks by Ben Mears. Ben was a successful writer who'd returned to Jerusalem's Lot (aka Salem's Lot), inspired to write while confronting his past. He tells his friend, Susan Norton, that as a child, he was dared to enter Hughie Marsden's house. Ben claims to have heard Hughie begging to live before killing himself and also thinks he heard Hughie's last victim, but was too scared to do anything. Ben wants to rent the house and examine it for his novel and conscience. However, owner Larry Crockett had sold it to Richard Straker and Kurt Barlow.

Soon, the town's various secrets bubble up. Crockett molests his daughter Ruthie and fires Dud, a crippled employee she likes. The school bus driver bullies his charges, forcing them to walk home on occasion. These revelations spike until "Barlow" arrives. A master vampire, he influences such incidents in order to foster minions. When one child disappears and his brother grows ill and dies, Mike Ryerson buries the brother and soon dies the same way only to rise again, in an effort to tempt teacher Matt Burke, whom is rescued by goes into cardiac arrest. Ben soon believes that Salem's Lot is infested with vampires and teams up with Dr. Cody, Father Callahan, and Mark Petrie as vampire hunters, though they laugh at finding Susan Norton as a victim.

Each character deals with his inner demons; Callahan's faith wavers against Barlow and he joins Barlow's coterie. Crockett, who invited Barlow to town, sees his own daughter join Dud as a vampire. Ben still struggles with his own failures.

During the hunt, Cody and Burke are slain, while Crockett is devoured by Dud and the other vampires. Mark and Ben slay Barlow, yet Susan remains a vampire and explains that Marsden's victim has already died; Ben was blameless. Ben destroys Susan and then the Marsden house.

| 2004 | 3 hr 1 min | 6.2/10
Rob Lowe, Andre Braugher, Donald Sutherland, Samantha Mathis
Mikael Salomon
'Salem's Lot
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Also directed by Mikael Salomon, Michael Salomon