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The movie Samsara is an independent film that came out in 2001-2002. It was a film that was made by Indian, Italian, French and German filmmakers. This movies is about a Buddhist monk who is seeking to get enlightenment. In this film, people such as Shawn Ku and Christy Chung are featured along with the movie being directed by Pan Nalin. Samsara was written by Pan and Tim Baker as well. One thing to note is that the movie’s storyline and plot is similar to the story known as Vishvamitra and Menaka. Another thing to know is that this film received the Audience Award for Most Popular Film by the Melbourne International Film Festival. It was also among the top ten movies in Italy and France. During the film a loves story takes place as one man looks for enlightenment while the woman is looking to keep him alive. The storyline begins with a man named Tashi who has been living with a monk since he was five years old. Once he becomes an adolescent, he begins to develop erotic interests and therefore the monk sends him to the Himalayan world. Once Tashi discovers the real world he leaves the monastery and marries a woman named Pema. She comes from a rich family and was previously engaged to a man named Jamayang. Eventually Tashi becomes a rich land owner by selling his crops to the city area instead of selling his crops to local merchants. However his next harvest is destroyed in a fire but manages to cope with it. He later raises a son named Karma. In the end he commits adultery and therefore reconsiders his life direction. While this film was not widely released in North American and other markets it still was a very successful movie. The story is very deep and meaningful. Fans of a drama films will really enjoy this film. For those who are interested in knowing about other cultures in Asia, this movie will likely be very appealing as well. Samsara deals with a young man who is raised in a Buddhist way of life but eventually wants to experience something new in his life. Fortunately his monk allows him to explore the world and he begins to live a fulfilling life as a result. He is able to meet a woman and has a family with her. However he gives in to other desires and therefore needs to reassess his life direction. Despite not being a mainstream movie, it was one of the best movies of 2001-2002.

2001 | 2 hr 18 min | 7.8/10
Nalin Pan

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