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  • 2007
  • 2.5  (672)

Shakalaka Boom Boom is a Bollywood musical drama film that was released in 2007. It is directed by Suneel Darshan and stars Bobby Deol, Upen Patel, Celina Jaitly and Kangana Ranaut. The film revolves around the music industry and the rivalry between two musicians. The movie introduces A.J., played by Bobby Deol, a successful music director who creates chart-topping tracks. He is invited to a music festival in South Africa and is greeted with a warm welcome. There, he meets Reggie, played by Upen Patel, an upcoming singer who is desperate for a break in the industry.

Reggie begins to copy A.J.'s songs, beats and even his girlfriend, Sheena, played by Celina Jaitly. A.J. is oblivious of Reggie's true intentions and even helps him achieve his dream. However, things turn sour when A.J. realizes Reggie's dirty tactics of stealing his music and ideas. A.J. files a case against him for plagiarism, which leads to a public feud between the two.

The movie touches upon themes such as jealousy, ego, betrayal and redemption. It portrays how people in the entertainment industry can stoop to any level to taste success. It also highlights how the media can manipulate things and create controversies for their benefit.

Apart from the main plot, the movie has several subplots. One of the subplots features Kangana Ranaut, who plays Ruhi, a struggling singer, who is A.J.'s childhood friend. She has a crush on A.J. and is jealous of his girlfriend, Sheena. Ruhi gets her big break when A.J. decides to use her voice in his music. However, Reggie manipulates Ruhi into believing that A.J. is using her for his benefit. This leads to a rift between Ruhi and A.J.

Another subplot features a budding romance between Reggie and Sheena, which adds a layer of complexity to the already complicated story. The movie has several dance sequences, which are colourful and peppy. The songs are catchy and have foot-tapping beats.

The movie's biggest strength is its performances. Bobby Deol delivers an impressive performance as A.J., the successful and confident music director. Upen Patel as Reggie also gives a noteworthy performance as the jealous and ambitious singer. Celina Jaitly as Sheena looks stunning and plays her role well. Kangana Ranaut as Ruhi is the surprise package of the movie. She has limited screen time but leaves a lasting impression with her performance. Apart from the lead cast, the supporting cast also does a good job.

The film's cinematography by Johny Lal is visually pleasing. The African landscapes are captured beautifully, and the camera work during the dance sequences is impressive. The movie's music is composed by popular music director Himesh Reshammiya, and the songs are popular to this day.

Overall, Shakalaka Boom Boom is an entertaining movie that has its fair share of drama, romance, and music. It showcases the competitive world of the music industry and the lengths people will go to achieve success. The movie has a good story, impressive performances, and catchy music that keeps the audience engaged. It might not be a critical masterpiece, but it is a fun and engaging watch.

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