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  • 1990
  • 2 hr 10 min
  • 7.7  (848)

Shakha Proshakha (1990), directed by legendary filmmaker Satyajit Ray, is a thought-provoking drama that delves deep into the complexities of family dynamics, identity and relationships. Starring Ajit Banerjee, Haradhan Bannerjee, and Soumitra Chatterjee, the film tells the story of an intellectually driven Hindu family, whose idyllic existence is disrupted when the patriarch of the family, a retired engineer, invites his estranged youngest son, a famous film director and his family, over for dinner.

The film is divided into two parts, the first half of which shows the family members chatting, debating, and discussing everything under the sun, ranging from poetry and music to politics and society. With each passing conversation, we learn more about each character and their experiences, personalities and beliefs. The film's central message is that what appears to be a happy, united family is in fact nothing more than a facade, as they all have deeply rooted issues with each other, fueled by ego, pride, and misunderstandings.

The second half of the film is a complete contrast to the first, as it delves into darker themes and emotionally charged situations. The arrival of the youngest son and his family magnifies the differences and conflicts within the family, causing a series of events that lead to heartbreak, revelations, and unexpected consequences. The younger son's presence brings with it a Hollywood-style glitter and glamour that starkly contrasts with the more traditional and reserved lifestyle of the rest of his family.

The film's casting is spot on, with each actor bringing a unique flavor to their respective roles. Ajit Banerjee, who portrays the patriarch of the family, is outstanding in his role, perfectly embodying the character of a stern, no-nonsense, and emotionally aloof father, who struggles to connect with his children. Conversely, the youngest son, played by Soumitra Chatterjee, is exuberant, flamboyant and charming, the complete opposite of his father. His jovial personality masks his inner turmoil, but also highlights his desire to rekindle his relationship with his family.

The film's technical aspects are equally impressive, with Satyajit Ray's direction and storytelling giving the film a timeless quality. The dialogues are intelligently written and help to build a natural flow in the narrative. The cinematography is simple yet effective, capturing the mundane aspects of everyday life just as skilfully as the more intimate and poignant moments. The background music is subtle but enriches the scenes, and gives the audience an emotional cue for every situation.

Overall, the film is a moving and truthful depiction of a family that is bound together by blood, but are divided by circumstances. Shakha Proshakha is an ode to the complexities of family relationships, and how our individual personalities and choices can impact the collective well-being of our families. Satyajit Ray's masterful storytelling, coupled with stellar performances by the entire cast, makes Shakha Proshakha a cinematic experience that is sure to leave a lasting impression on the viewer.

Shakha Proshakha
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    2 hr 10 min
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    7.7  (848)