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"Part animal. Part legend. All woman."

The movie was released in theaters August 1984 and later on DVD December 2001. It is listed in the movie genre of action/adventure, sci-fi and fantasy. The movie was filmed in Kenya, Africa and directed by John Guillermin. The rating is listed as PG and has the running time of one hour and fifty-seven minutes. The producer was Paul Aratow along with the original music for the movie was done by Richard Hartley. The screen-play writers of the movie were Lorenzo Semple Jr. and Leslie Stevens based on the first female character created by Will Eisner and Jerry Iger in a comic book series. The cast of stars that were in the film are the following; Tanya Roberts plays the role of Sheena, Clifton Jones is King Jabalani, France Zobda is Countess Zanda, Elizabeth of Toro plays the role as Shaman, Trevor Thomas as Prince Otwani, Donavan Scott as Fletcher, Errol John as Bolu and Ted Wass as reporter Vic Casey. Animal friends that play in the movie are Chango the elephant, Marika the zebra and Tiki the chimpanzee.

Sheena and her parent’s go on safari in the African jungle where the parent’s are killed and leaves her an orphan. The orphan girl is taking in by a shaman the Princess of Toro belonging to the Zamboulu tribe. Although, the girl is considered as an outsider the shaman believes that she is there to fulfill the prophecy of the Gods and would eventually after her training would become Queen of the Jungle. It is unlike for outsiders to since the territory which is part of Tigora that is protected by King Jabalani. Sheena is raised along of being taught by the shaman the lore of the jungle, the ways of all the creatures in the jungle, the secrets of telepathic communication with the animals of the jungle and proficient with weapons.

However, trouble is stirring in Tigora because of the King Jabalani younger brother who is an ex-football player Prince Otwani is conspiring an assassination with the king’s fiancée Countess Zanda. They know that the titanium rich soil is for them to take by clearing out the indigenous tribes including the one Sheena belongs too. The shaman has a vision of the king’s demises and goes to the capital to warn the king, but is met with corrupt police officers that work for Countess Zanda and has the shaman arrested for king’s assassination. Sheena goes to break out her foster mother the shaman with help from her jungle friends. The reporter friend of Prince Otwani sees the break out and believes that this is a bigger and better story to report.

| 1984 | 1 hr 57 min | 4.9/10
Tanya Roberts, Ted Wass, Donovan Scott, Elizabeth of Toro
Goodtimes Home Video
John Guillermin

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