Sister Mary Explains It All

"When it comes to sin... she's hell on wheels"

In Sister Mary Explains it All, a made-for-TV film based upon Christopher Durang's one-act play, elementary-school teacher and Catholic nun Sister Mary (Diane Keaton) is literally center-stage. It's the Christmas season, and Sister Mary is presenting her annual lecture. The audience is packed with community members and highschoolers who were formerly her pupils. On the agenda for this evening is a reenactment of a nativity play, written twenty-five years ago by Angela (Laura San Giacomo). Angela had played the Blessed Virgin Mary in the original production; the student who had played Joseph, along with the two halves of a pantomime camel (Brian Benben, Wallace Langham, Jennifer Tilly), are all on their way to the reenactment as the film begins.

But as we observe the angst brewing under the surface of Sister Mary's former pupils, we begin to feel that this evening is not going to end happily. And when Sister Mary launches into her lunatic lecture about God's cosmic dispensation, punctuated with question-and-answer catechism-like sessions with seven-year-old Thomas (Max Morrow) and victims chosen from the audience, the aging nun's seriously unbalanced psyche becomes apparent.

Sister Mary Explains It All opens with a sitcom-esque lightness, but quickly darkens as we see the emotional damage Mary's insanity has caused others.

2001 | 1 hr 17 min | 6.0/10
Diane Keaton, Brian Benben, Wallace Langham, Laura San Giacomo
Marshall Brickman
Produced By
Ronald M. Bozman
Sister Mary Explains It All
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Also directed by Marshall Brickman

Also starring Brian Benben

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