Spoilers Of The North

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The "spoilers" in this Republic programmer are headed by unscrupulous salmon fisherman Matt Garraway (Paul Kelly). Treating women and competitors with equal contempt, Garraway charms and abandons such lovelies as Laura Reed (Evelyn Ankers) and Jane Koster (Adrian Booth). Having persuaded Laura to put up money for his fish cannery, Garraway drops her like a bad habit and begins pursuing Jane, so that she'll recruit her Native American friends to do some off-season salmon fishing. Jane's brother Pete (Francis McDonald) figures out long before anyone else does that Garraway is a no-good, and he sets the wheels in motion for the villain's ultimate downfall. Even if the opening credits had been removed, audiences would have known that Spoilers of the North was a Republic picture when Roy Barcroft showed up as Greenaway's chief henchman.

1947 | 1 hr 6 min | 6.2/10
Paul Kelly, Lorna Gray, Evelyn Ankers, James Millican
Echelon Studios
Richard Sale
Spoilers Of The North
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Also directed by Richard Sale

Also starring Lorna Gray