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"A Collection of Horrific Shorts"
  • 2004
  • 1 hr 34 min
  • 5.1  (149)

Spooked is a captivating supernatural horror movie that takes audiences on a wild ride filled with suspense, mystery, and terror. Directed by Geoff Murphy and released in 2004, the movie revolves around a group of jaded paranormal investigators who find themselves caught up in the terrifying mystery of a haunted house. The story begins when Jack (Cliff Curtis), a cynical psychic, is approached by a wealthy businessman named Philip (Chris Hobbs) to investigate a house that he believes is haunted. Philip explains that strange occurrences have been happening in the house since he bought it, and he wants Jack and his team to investigate and provide him with proof of the supernatural.

Jack, who has been performing fake exorcisms as a scam to earn money, initially refuses the job but eventually agrees to take on the case when he realizes that it involves a substantial amount of money. He assembles a team of paranormal investigators, including his girlfriend Kelly (Andrea Kelland), a video tech named Eddie, and a skeptical journalist named Sarah.

As they begin their investigation, the team quickly realizes that the house is indeed haunted, and the supernatural occurrences they experience become increasingly sinister and dangerous. They encounter ghostly apparitions, hear strange noises, and witness objects moving on their own.

Jack and his team soon discover that the house has a dark past involving a tragic incident that occurred years ago. They realize that they are in over their heads and must find a way to banish the evil spirit that is haunting the house before it's too late.

As they delve deeper into the mystery of the house, the team uncovers a shocking secret that threatens to destroy them. The more they learn about the dark history of the house, the more dangerous the investigation becomes. They must use their expertise in paranormal activity and work together to survive the supernatural forces that are determined to claim their souls.

The movie Spooked is an intense and thrilling ride that will keep audiences on the edge of their seats from beginning to end. The performances by the talented cast, especially Cliff Curtis, who delivers a standout performance as the sarcastic and jaded psychic, are excellent and help to elevate the suspense and tension throughout the movie.

The special effects and overall production value are also impressive, adding to the overall creep factor of the film. The haunted house setting is claustrophobic and eerie, and the supernatural occurrences are genuinely terrifying.

In conclusion, Spooked is a must-watch for horror fans who enjoy a good scare. With its engaging story, compelling characters, and terrifying supernatural elements, it's a movie that will keep audiences guessing and on the edge of their seats until the very end.

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    1 hr 34 min
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    5.1  (149)