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"Make your wishes come true."
  • 1985
  • 6.7  (69)

Star Fairies is a 1985 animated adventure movie featuring the voice talents of Drew Barrymore, Billy Barty, and Michael Bell. The movie is directed by Bob Balser and produced by the world-renowned Toei Animation. The story follows the adventures of seven magical fairies who live in the stars and guard the dreams of sleeping children. One day, they receive a distress call from their fellow fairy, Sparkle, who has been captured by the evil Shadow King. Sparkle is taken to Shadow Land, a dark place where dreams turn into nightmares. The only way to rescue Sparkle is for the Star Fairies to make a long and dangerous journey to Shadow Land themselves.

The seven fairies, each with their unique magical powers, set out on the perilous journey. Their leader, Flora, is courageous and determined, always putting the safety of her friends first. Aura, the red fairy, has the power of fire and can create flames to light their way in the dark. Zanna, the blue fairy, has the power of water and can create rain to put out fires. Luna, the purple fairy, has the power of the moon and can make darkness or brightness as needed. Vega, the green fairy, has the power of nature and can summon animals to help them. Solara, the yellow fairy, has the power of light and can make things visible in the dark. And finally, the pink fairy, Little Star, is the youngest but has the power of love, which she uses to keep the group together.

Along the way, the fairies face many obstacles and dangers, including treacherous landscapes, wild animals, and the Shadow King's minions. They also meet new friends, such as a friendly dragon and a singing bird, who help them on their journey.

The animation in Star Fairies is beautiful, with vibrant colors and creative character designs. The fairies themselves are delightful, each with their unique personalities and abilities. Drew Barrymore particularly shines as the voice of Little Star, bringing her spunky and adorable personality to life.

As the Star Fairies get closer to Shadow Land, the tension mounts. The Shadow King is a formidable foe, and his realm is genuinely frightening. The fairies are separated at one point, making the audience worry about their fates. But the fairy's magical powers come in handy throughout the journey, and they rely on their wits and quick thinking to overcome the obstacles that come their way.

Overall, Star Fairies is an excellent movie for kids, particularly those who love fairy tales and magical adventures. It has a positive message about the power of teamwork and friendship, and the animation and music are delightful. It's a movie that parents can enjoy with their kids, with plenty of action and humor to keep everyone entertained.

In conclusion, Star Fairies is a gem of a movie that deserves more recognition. It's a classic tale of good versus evil, with charming characters and beautiful animation. It's a movie that will transport you to another world and leave you with a warm heart.

Star Fairies
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