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Stuart Little 3 is a film about Stuart who is a little mouse known for his adventures and exciting life. In this film, he goes through different types of difficulties as he tries to go through an exciting adventure with his fun family. Stuart and his family decide to camp. While there, he meets a funny and smooth speaking Skunk who happens to know everything that goes on in the area. Reeko, the skunk, is constantly giving food to an animal called The Beast who forces Reeko to feed him. Stuart and George decide to join the local scouts in the camping area.

Reeko decides to give The Beast the chance to get Snowbell and capture him for Stuart to save. It is quite a fun experience for Stuart, but he soon finds that things aren't exactly easy. As Stuart struggles to save Snowbell, he finds a way to get his family to trap the Beast easily. The Beast is very scary and definitely is not easy to capture but they manage to do it all very easy.

They are able to bring the Beast to a zoo, and Reeko says he's sorry. He tells Stuart that he never should have betrayed him. It definitely scares Stuart, but he's happy that everything has turned out well.

At the campgrounds, Stuart finally says goodbye to all of the people in the camp. He says goodbye to the friends that has helped him to save his family member Snowbell from being held by the Beast.

As they head home, the family celebrates and is happy that they have gotten closer together. Stuart remains the same optimistic and loving mouse that he is. He still stays happy despite all the things that happened. He soon realizes that family is so important, and that a couple of helpful people to be there can help to finally survive.

| 2005 | 1 hr 12 min | 4.2/10
Michael J. Fox, Geena Davis, Hugh Laurie, Wayne Brady
Audu Paden
Produced By
Douglas Wick, Lucy Fisher, Leslie Hough, Steven Wendland, Rachel Shane

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