Light of Day

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Joe and Patti Rasnick, a brother and sister, are lead singers for a Cleveland, Ohio based band called The Barbusters. Joe lives with his sister and nephew. The duo,on their mother's birthday, stop by to visit their parents, even though Patti's relationship with her overly religious mother is strained. Patti is annoyed by her mother mentioning marriage,church, and criticizing her rock band career.

While rock music means everything to Patti, Joe has second thoughts and wants a regular job in order to be a good influence on his nephew. Patti reconciles with her mother during a family crisis.

| 1987 | 1 hr 47 min | 5.6/10 | 55/100
Michael J. Fox, Gena Rowlands, Joan Jett, Michael McKean
Paul Schrader
Produced By
Keith Barish, Rob Cohen
Light of Day
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