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A romantic comedy, Sugar, is a heartwarming story about a troubled teen who roams the streets of Toronto Canada. Tom Palmer (who, incidentally, directed the film), Todd Klinck as well as Jaie Laplante wrote this Canadian film. Based in part on a series of successful short stories by Bruce LaBruce, "Sugar" was a critical success for its stars.

The movie tells the story of Cliff (played by actor Andre Noble), a very sheltered, highly insecure and adventure-hungry teenager growing up in 1980 Toronto. Having arrived at the realization that he is gay, he feels unable to do anything about it because of his fear of society’s perceptions. However, Cliff does have an ally in his wise and open mother Madge (played by Marnie McPhail). On Cliff’s 18th birthday, Madge decides to set her son free from his troubles. She pours him a stiff drink offers him a joint and tells him directly to go out and have some fun. Feeling left-out, misunderstood and out of place in his family Cliff sets out to find adventure and acceptance in the gay community of Toronto. While on the streets he meets Butch (Brendan Fehr), a rough and tumble kid who knows the ins and outs of the community streets. The two strike a friendship, Butch, seeing how scared and insecure Cliff is, decides to teach Cliff the ways of Toronto’s streets and how to survive them. Cliff finds Butch's ways scary and different at first but he knows that Butch is a street hustler and is familiar with the ways of the Canadian gay community. While Cliff finds himself increasingly attracted to Butch, Butch responds only as a friend and keeps his emotional distance from Cliff. Cliff continues to believe that he can win Butch over until one day when Butch has him partake in an intimate experience with him and a customer for extra money. After this humiliating experience, Cliff decides to leave Butch and return to his suburban home to nurse his broker heart.

| 2004 | | 5.5/10
Andre Noble, Marnie McPhail, Haylee Wanstall, Dorothy Gordon
John Palmer
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Also directed by John Palmer

Also starring Marnie McPhail