Sweet Liberty

"Michael Burgess wrote a book about the American Revolution. Now, Hollywood's come to his town to make a movie of it -- Plunging him into a summer of madness."

Sweet Liberty is a comedy movie. This movie is about an author who sells his film rights. When Michael writes a book on the Revolutionary War he is lucky enough to sell the film rights. Suddenly he has a large group of people in his life who are making the film. There are arguments as actors want lines changed and constantly interrupt him. He starts falling for the woman who will play the lead and his girlfriend suddenly wants a commitment.

Success is a wonderful achievement except when it comes to sit upon your doorstep. Michael has found this to be true.

| 1986 | 1 hr 46 min | 5.7/10
Alan Alda, Michael Caine, Michelle Pfeiffer, Bob Hoskins
MCA Universal Home Video
Alan Alda
Sweet Liberty
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