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"Just once...everyone has to be a winner!"
  • PG
  • 1979
  • 1 hr 47 min
  • 5.9  (253)

Take Down is a 1979 film that tells the story of an idealistic young high school wrestling coach, Carl Halstead (played by Edward Herrmann), and his efforts to transform a group of undisciplined, troubled teens into a competitive wrestling team. Despite facing numerous obstacles, including disinterested students, skeptical school administrators, and limited resources, Halstead remains determined to succeed.

As Halstead struggles to gain the trust and respect of his students, he also grapples with personal problems of his own. He is going through a divorce, and his ex-wife is seeking sole custody of their child. This adds to the pressure he is under to make the wrestling team a success.

One of the team's most promising wrestlers is David James (played by Lorenzo Lamas), a troubled teenager who has been in and out of detention and foster homes. James has a chip on his shoulder and is initially resistant to Halstead's efforts to turn him around. However, as the coach continues to push him, David starts to see wrestling as an outlet for his anger and begins to take it more seriously.

Another significant character is the school's guidance counselor, Miss Maples (played by Kathleen Lloyd). She is Halstead's ally at the school, but she is also dealing with personal issues that make her job difficult. She finds herself drawn to Halstead and is eventually torn between her professional responsibilities and her feelings for him.

Throughout the film, the wrestling team faces a series of challenges. They must prove themselves against better-funded and better-trained teams, and Halstead must deal with conflicts both on and off the mat. There are moments of triumph, as well as setbacks and disappointments. But Halstead never gives up on his students and continues to push them to be their best.

Take Down is a classic sports film that emphasizes determination, teamwork, and the importance of mentorship. It depicts the transformative power of sports and highlights the role that coaches and teachers can play in the lives of their students. It also touches on a number of social issues, including divorce, juvenile delinquency, and the challenges of being a teacher in an underfunded and overburdened school system.

The film's cast is well-rounded, with strong performances from all the leads. Edward Herrmann brings depth and nuance to the role of coach Halstead, portrays the character as someone who is genuinely invested in the well-being of his students. Lorenzo Lamas is equally impressive as the troubled wrestler David, displaying a range of emotions and convincingly portraying the character's struggles.

Kathleen Lloyd is also excellent as Miss Maples, the counselor who offers a sympathetic ear to Halstead and his students. Her character is complex, and Lloyd portrays her with subtlety and grace.

The movie's cinematography is noteworthy for its use of close-ups during wrestling scenes, which emphasize the intensity of the sport and the emotions of the wrestlers. The soundtrack, which features original compositions by Gene Page, is also exceptional, adding drama and excitement to the film.

Overall, Take Down is an inspiring and entertaining sports drama that offers a fresh take on the classic underdog story. It is a must-watch for sports fans and anyone who enjoys a good underdog story.

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