Here Come the Munsters

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  • 1995
  • 2 hr 9 min
  • 5.1  (764)

Here Come the Munsters is a 1995 made-for-television comedy film and a sequel to the original 1960s sitcom The Munsters. The movie was directed by Robert Ginty and written by Allan Burns. The movie follows the life of the Munster family, who are a group of monsters living in suburbia. The family consists of Grandpa (Edward Herrmann), Lily (Veronica Hamel), Herman (Robert Morse), and Eddie (Mathew Botuchis). They are a happy family that enjoys their monster life in the suburban world they live in.

The story starts with the Munster family being kicked out of Transylvania, which was the only world they knew. It is said that they have been ostracized by the other monsters in Transylvania, and their world was no longer safe for them to live in.

So the family decides to move to the United States, where they settled in a quiet California suburb called Mockingbird Heights. The Munster family was excited about their move to America, as it is a world they have never been to before, and the excitement of living in a new world was everything they could ever hope for.

However, the happy life they expected in the suburban neighborhood was far from what they anticipated. They quickly discovered that the people in Mockingbird Heights do not understand them, and they began to feel isolated and unwanted. Grandpa tried to make a potion to help the family blend in, but it failed miserably.

As their knowledge of the ways of the world was limited, they were easy targets for the unscrupulous townspeople, who tried to take advantage of them. For example, their landlady, Mrs. Dimwitty (Mary Woronov), refused to return their deposit and rent, forcing the Munsters to move out of their rental home and find a new one.

Despite their problems, the family tried to remain positive and optimistic. Herman took a job as an auto mechanic, and Eddie started school. Lily spent her time trying to fit into the local community, which was not easy to do as she was a vampire.

As the family tried to fit in, they met a neighbor, Marilyn (Christine Taylor). They noticed that Marilyn seemed lonely and dejected, so they invited her into their home and started to take care of her. Marilyn soon became a valuable friend to the Munster family, and she helped them understand the ways of the world.

The movie is filled with comedic moments as the family tried to adjust to their new world. The Munsters found themselves in a lot of trouble in their attempts to get involved in their local community, and some of these moments were quite hilarious.

In summary, Here Come the Munsters is an enjoyable film that is perfect for the whole family. It is entertaining, funny, and will leave you feeling good after watching it. Fans of the original Munsters show will love this film, and it is sure to be a hit with new audiences as well.

Here Come the Munsters
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    2 hr 9 min
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    5.1  (764)