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  • 2008
  • 1 hr 50 min
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The Face: Jesus In Art is a gripping and illuminating documentary that explores the ways in which Jesus Christ has been depicted throughout the centuries in art. Released in 2001, the film brings together an impressive cast of scholars, critics, theologians, and artists to analyze the various interpretations and representations of the Son of God in visual media.

The documentary is divided into several sections, each focusing on a particular period or style of art. Starting with early Christianity and moving through the Middle Ages, Renaissance, and Baroque eras, The Face traces the evolution of Jesus imagery through some of the greatest masterpieces in art history. Through interviews with experts and close-up shots of famous paintings, sculptures, and icons, the film offers a fascinating glimpse into the technical and symbolic aspects of religious art.

Narrated by veteran actor Edward Herrmann, The Face boasts an impressive array of talking heads. Some of the most notable include actor Stacy Keach, who provides a compelling analysis of Rembrandt's Christ works, and actress Juliet Mills, who shares her insights on the role of women in Christian art. Ricardo Montalban, famed Mexican actor, offers a unique perspective on the Latin American tradition of Christ images, which have their own distinctive features.

The documentary is not just a dry academic exercise. Rather, it offers a deeply human and emotional look at the ways in which art can express spiritual truths and touch our hearts. The film's visuals are stunning, with sweeping camera shots of magnificent cathedrals, haunting monasteries, and intricate mosaics. The Face skillfully weaves together historical context, art theory, and theological concepts to create a compelling portrait of Jesus in art.

One of the most compelling sections of the documentary is the segment on the Renaissance, which explores the work of such greats as Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci. The Face offers a fresh perspective on these venerable artists, emphasizing their deep spiritual yearnings and the ways in which they sought to elevate humanity through their art. The Renaissance segment also features interviews with contemporary artists who draw inspiration from the period and strive to carry on its legacy.

Another highlight of The Face is its in-depth examination of the various physical features of Jesus Christ as depicted in different time periods and cultural contexts. Through close analysis of Christ icons and portraits, the film uncovers fascinating details such as the evolution of skin color, hair style, and facial expression over the centuries. The documentary also explores the use of symbolism in Christ imagery and uncovers some of the hidden meanings behind common tropes such as the halo and the spear.

Overall, The Face: Jesus In Art is a visually stunning and intellectually engaging documentary that will appeal to anyone interested in art history, theology, or spirituality. The film's impressive lineup of experts and beautiful visuals make it a must-watch for art lovers and scholars alike. With its powerful commentary on the enduring appeal of Jesus Christ in art, The Face will leave viewers with a deeper appreciation for the ways in which religious images can touch the soul and enrich our lives.

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