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  • PG-13
  • 1990
  • 1 hr 54 min
  • 7.1  (3,718)

Tatie Danielle is a 1990 French film directed by Étienne Chatiliez, starring Tsilla Chelton, Catherine Jacob, and Isabelle Nanty. The movie is a dark comedy that tells the story of Danielle Billard, known as Tatie Danielle, a bitter, manipulative, and cruel old woman who regards herself as a victim of her family's indifference. Tatie Danielle, who lost her husband when she was young, harasses her relatives and the people around her, particularly her devoted maid, Odile.

The plot of the movie centers around the arrival of Sandrine, a young niece of Tatie Danielle, who is recently orphaned and comes to live with her aunt. Sandrine is kind and compassionate, and Tatie Danielle initially tries to manipulate her, but Sandrine remains loyal and caring despite the abuse she receives from her aunt. Sandrine’s presence and kindness slowly start to soften Tatie Danielle’s heart, and she begins to see the error of her ways.

However, the story takes a turn when Tatie Danielle has a heart attack and becomes paralyzed. Despite her condition, she continues to be manipulative, and her family suspects that she is faking her paralysis. A nurse, Marie-Thérèse, who is assigned to take care of Tatie Danielle, sees through her act and starts to get her revenge while taking care of her. Marie-Thérèse and Odile, the maid, who are both fed up with Tatie Danielle, collaborate and start to make her life miserable.

The movie is a powerful satire that highlights the hypocrisy and societal expectations of family roles. Tatie Danielle is a symbol of the older generation who, despite their authority and experience, can still be cruel and manipulative towards their families. The movie tackles several themes like generational differences, morality, and the consequences of toxic behavior.

The cast of the movie delivers phenomenal performances, particularly Tsilla Chelton, who portrays Tatie Danielle. Her performance gives life to the character and makes the audience feel a mixture of disgust and sympathy towards her. Catherine Jacob and Isabelle Nanty also deliver excellent performances as Sandrine and Odile, respectively. The film’s cinematography is remarkable, with impressive camera work and lighting that enhances the mood of the scenes.

Overall, Tatie Danielle is a fantastic movie that combines comedy and drama to deliver a profound message. The movie is an outstanding representation of the complexities that come with family relationships, and how they can be both painful and joyful. It is a film that offers a window into French culture and society that will leave you entertained and thoughtful.

Tatie Danielle
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