Tatie Danielle

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Tatie Danielle is a dark French comedy that was written by Florence Quentin and Etienne Chatiliez, who also directed. The movie features Tsilla Chelton, Catherine Jacob and Eric Prat. The story follows a mean old woman named Tatie (played by Tsilla Chelton) who spends her nights thinking of ways to make life miserable for everyone around her, including those who try to love her. She is greedy and manipulative, deceiving people with lies and stringing them along. She has become an expert at getting people's sympathy while trampling all over their lives. She gleefully runs over the neighbor's flower beds and gets the dog to chase after the poor mailman, among many other things.

She says one thing privately and something else entirely to the public. She takes great delight in plotting all of her needlessly vengeful antics. She has an elderly and overworked servant who winds up falling off of a ladder one day while she is simply trying to do as she wishes. But there is never any pleasing the cantankerous old biddy, no matter who it is.

When the servant dies, Tatie tries to arrange to go to live in the city with her middle aged nephew and his wife and family. While they really don't want her around, she buys her way into their lives by promising them money. However, once in the household, she terrorizes everyone in her path.

She complains constantly about the food and noise. She invades every social event and tells guests stories about her delusional sufferings and drives the servants away.

When the family takes a much needed vacation, they hire a young woman to stay with Tatie Danielle. Sandrine Vonniergirl (played by Isabelle Nanty) however, sees right through the old woman and calls her bluff.

After Tatie attempts to claim that she is being neglected by calling the police and newspapers, nothing comes of it.

| 1990 | 1 hr 54 min | 7.1/10
Tsilla Chelton, Catherine Jacob, Isabelle Nanty, Neige Dolsky
tienne Chatiliez
Produced By
Charles Gassot
Tatie Danielle
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Also directed by Etienne Chatiliez