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"Tracing Her Roots"
  • NR
  • 2011
  • 2 hr 5 min
  • 2.5  (386)

Tell Me O Kkhuda is a 2011 Indian drama film directed by Hema Malini, featuring an all-star cast including Dharmendra, Vinod Khanna, and Rishi Kapoor among others. The film follows the journey of a young woman, Tanya who sets out to find her biological father, whom she has never met. Tanya (Esha Deol) is raised by her single mother, who passes away leaving her to search for her father on her own. Determined to uncover her family's past, Tanya sets out on a journey that takes her to a small town in Rajasthan where her mother had spent her childhood. Here she meets her mother's childhood friend, Nawab (Rishi Kapoor), who guides her in her quest. Meanwhile, she falls in love with a young man named Rockey (Arjan Bajwa), who is also searching for his father in the same town.

As Tanya's search for her father leads her further into the unknown, she discovers that her father is a wealthy businessman named Shyamlal (Dharmendra). However, her joy at finally finding her father is short-lived as she realizes that he is not the man she had hoped he would be. Shyamlal is a complicated man with a difficult past, and Tanya must navigate her relationship with him while trying to uncover the truth about her family.

As the plot unfolds, Tanya faces numerous challenges while trying to uncover her past. Throughout her journey, she encounters various characters who help her in her search but also hinder her progress. She learns about her mother's past and struggles with the knowledge that her father was not a part of her life. Tanya must come to terms with her new reality and decides to make the most of it by embracing her newfound family.

Tell Me O Kkhuda is a heart-wrenching tale of discovery, longing, and acceptance. The movie covers themes such as family, love, and betrayal. It explores the complexities of relationships and how they can be shaped by the events of the past. The film highlights the importance of forgiveness and redemption and how they can lead to personal growth.

The cast of the movie delivers exceptional performances. Esha Deol effortlessly portrays the character of Tanya, a young woman struggling to find her place in the world. Dharmendra's portrayal of Shyamlal is nuanced and complex, adding depth and dimension to the character. Rishi Kapoor, in his role as Nawab, brings a touch of humor and lightheartedness to the film.

The film's cinematography is noteworthy, capturing the essence of Rajasthan's rural life, with its vibrant colors and scenic beauty. The music of the film is soulful and showcases the diversity of Indian music, incorporating both classical and contemporary elements. The songs are an essential component of the movie, enhancing the emotional impact of the narrative.

In conclusion, Tell Me O Kkhuda is a touching film that explores the intricacies of relationships and their impact on the human psyche. Hema Malini's vision coupled with the stellar performances of the cast, makes this film a must-watch for those who appreciate heartfelt dramas. The movie leaves a lasting impression, reminding us that family is not always defined by blood, and that sometimes, the people we least expect can become our greatest allies.

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    2 hr 5 min
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    2.5  (386)