The Adventures of Galgameth

"A Medieval Tale of Courage, Friendship & Adventure"

The Adventures of Galgameth is a 1995 film that is set in medieval times. The movie is centered around Prince Davin, who will one day rule the kingdom. Price Davin's father eventually dies, but the young prince hasn't yet reached the appropriate age to be the king. El El, the head knight, must fill in as the ruler of the kingdom until Prince Davin reaches the appropriate age.

Prince Davin feels guilty thinking that his father had died because of a playful joust battle that they had. In reality, El El had slowly poisoned the king. Under their new leader, the people of the kingdom are oppressed, and El El claims to the people that he is only doing what Prince Davin has ordered him to. Prince Davin eventually figures out everything and confronts El El but has his life threatened.

With his life in danger, Prince Davin flees and remembers his fathers last words and statuette about a mythical character called Galgameth. This large and tough metal like dragon is to serve the person who sheds tears on the statue. Glagameth eventually helps Prince Davin fight for his people and the kingdom as the two share a special friendship.

| 1996 | 1 hr 50 min | 6.2/10
Devin Oatway, Sean McNamara, Stephen Macht, Lou Wagner
Sean McNamara
The Adventures of Galgameth
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