The Breed

"Let the manhunt begin."
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The Breed is a horror film that centers around two brothers, Matt and John, who are heading to a remote island for a week of fun and relaxation. They are joined later by three friends, Nicki, Sara, and Noah. Soon after they settle in their cabin, a puppy shows up at the door. The friends allow the puppy inside, thinking it adorable and harmless. Later that evening, after growling at John and acting aggressively, the puppy runs off. Sara and John follow the puppy, only to be attacked by a vicious dog. During the attack, Sara is bitten before she and John can make their escape.

Stranded on an Island, surrounded by a pack of vicious man-eating dogs, and dealing with Sara who is exhibiting strange behavior since she was bitten, the group of friends must find a way to survive until they can find a way off the Island.

| 2006 | 1 hr 36 min | 5.1/10
Michelle Rodriguez, Oliver Hudson, Taryn Manning, Eric Lively
Nicholas Mastandrea
Produced By
Wes Craven, Thomas Becker, David Lancaster, Marianne Maddalena, Karen Vundla, Jörg Westerkamp, David Wicht
The Breed
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Also starring Michelle Rodriguez