Tropico de Sangre

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Trópico de Sangre, translated into English as "Tropic of Blood," is a dramatic film from 2010 that examines the true story of Minerva Mirabal and how her sisters rose to prominence as the leading opponents of Trujillo's dictatorship over the Dominican Republic. Despite leading the establishment of a rebel underground, the women were murdered in '60. However, the incident was manipulated to appear like a vehicular accident. The murder of Minerva's family lit a fire of civil unrest that resulted in Trujillo's murder several months later, only for Trujillo's assassin to be murdered by agents of Trujillo's brother, Ramfis Trujillo.

2010 | | 5.8/10
Michelle Rodriguez, Juan Fernández, Sergio Carlo, Claudette LalÑ
Juan Delancer
Tropico de Sangre
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Also starring Michelle Rodriguez

Also starring Juan Fernández