The Brink's Job

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"The robbery nobody thought could happen by the guys nobody thought could pull it off."
  • PG
  • 1978
  • 1 hr 44 min
  • 6.5  (3,445)

In 1978, the film "The Brink's Job" was released, based on the true story of the infamous robbery that took place on January 17, 1950 at Brink's Incorporated, a Boston-based security company. Directed by William Friedkin, who also helmed "The French Connection" and "The Exorcist," the film features an ensemble cast led by Peter Falk, Peter Boyle and Allen Garfield.

The story begins with small-time crook Tony Pino (Garfield) being released from prison and returning to his old neighborhood, where he meets up with his former associates. Among them is Joe McGinnis (Falk), a reliable safecracker who has been planning a big heist. His target is the Brink's building, where he believes there must be a huge amount of money stored.

Joe recruits Tony and a motley crew of other criminals, including a locksmith, a driver and a lookout, to help him carry out the robbery. They spend weeks studying the building and its routines, eventually settling on a plan to sneak in through the roof and drill into the vault.

Despite a series of setbacks, the heist is eventually carried out successfully, and the thieves make off with over $2.7 million in cash, checks and securities. However, their celebrations are short-lived as the police quickly begin to close in on them. The robbers start turning on each other, with suspicion and paranoia taking hold, as they try to evade capture and hold onto their share of the loot.

"The Brink's Job" is a stylish and highly entertaining heist movie that captures the mood and atmosphere of the 1950s perfectly. There are plenty of nods to the era, from the cars and costumes to the jazz soundtrack and the slang-heavy dialogue. But the film also has a timeless quality, thanks to its strong performances and tight script.

Falk, in particular, shines as the charismatic and likable Joe, who is always one step ahead of the law. He brings a warmth and wit to the role that makes him a joy to watch, even as he and his cohorts are committing a serious crime. Boyle, too, is excellent as the dim-witted but well-meaning mechanic Gino, who serves as Joe's loyal sidekick.

Garfield, meanwhile, plays Tony as a more complex and conflicted character. He's the one with the most to lose if the heist goes wrong, as he's on parole and could be sent back to prison if he's caught. But he's also the one with the most to gain, as he dreams of using his share of the money to start a legitimate business.

The supporting cast is also strong, with standout performances from Warren Oates as the grizzled cop hot on the thieves' trail, and Gena Rowlands as Joe's supportive wife. Friedkin directs the film with a brisk pace and an eye for detail, keeping the tension high throughout and making the most of the film's Boston locations.

Overall, "The Brink's Job" is a highly entertaining caper movie that should appeal to fans of crime films and heist movies alike. It's a fun and engaging portrait of a group of criminals who dared to take on the system, and who paid the price for their ambition.

The Brink's Job
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    6.5  (3,445)