The Care of Time

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  • 1990
  • 1 hr 43 min
  • 5.8  (45)

The Care of Time is a captivating psychological thriller released in 1990, directed by John Turturro and featuring a stellar cast including Michael Brandon, Christopher Lee, and Yolanda Vazquez. Set against the backdrop of international espionage, this film delves into the complex world of secret agents, time travel, and the pursuit of power.

The story follows Matthew McClelland (Michael Brandon), a renowned writer who finds himself entangled in a web of intrigue after his manuscript is stolen. The manuscript is no ordinary work; it contains the secrets of a top-secret government program that involves manipulating time. As Matthew delves deeper into the mystery behind the stolen manuscript, he discovers a shadowy organization known as The Company, run by the enigmatic Cornelius von Hess (Christopher Lee).

Matthew soon realizes that The Company has plans to use the time manipulation technology for their own sinister agenda. With the help of Maria (Yolanda Vazquez), a former employee of The Company, Matthew sets out to stop them. As they race against time, they uncover shocking truths about The Company's intentions and the true nature of the time manipulation program.

The Care of Time skillfully weaves a complex narrative that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats. With its blend of espionage, science fiction, and psychological drama, the film offers a unique and thought-provoking take on the genre. The plot twists and turns, keeping the audience guessing and questioning the true motives of each character.

Michael Brandon delivers a compelling performance as Matthew McClelland, portraying a man caught in a dangerous game of cat and mouse. Brandon's portrayal captures the character's vulnerability, intelligence, and determination as he navigates through the conspiracies surrounding him. Christopher Lee, an icon of the thriller genre, brings his commanding presence to the role of Cornelius von Hess, portraying a calculating and mysterious mastermind. Yolanda Vazquez shines as Maria, adding depth and complexity to her character, keeping viewers guessing about her true allegiance.

The Care of Time also stands out for its stunning cinematography and atmospheric soundtrack, which perfectly complement the film's tense and mysterious tone. The use of lighting and shadows enhances the film's noir elements, creating a visually engaging experience. The score heightens the suspense, adding to the overall sense of unease and thrill.

The film explores deeper themes throughout its runtime, touching on the nature of power, the consequences of tampering with time, and the ethical dilemmas faced by its characters. These underlying themes give The Care of Time a thought-provoking layer, elevating it beyond a mere action-packed thriller.

Despite being released in 1990, The Care of Time remains a hidden gem of the genre, often overlooked and underrated. Its unique blend of suspense, science fiction, and psychological drama offers a refreshing departure from the typical spy thrillers. With its stellar performances, engaging storyline, and introspective themes, this film is a must-watch for any fan of the genre.

In conclusion, The Care of Time is a gripping psychological thriller that seamlessly combines espionage, time travel, and the pursuit of power. With its unforgettable performances, intricate plot, and captivating themes, this hidden gem continues to captivate audiences, offering a thrilling and thought-provoking cinematic experience.

The Care of Time
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