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  • R
  • 1989
  • 4.3  (199)

The Expendables is an action adventure film that was released in 1989. The movie takes place during the Vietnam War where there are a gang of rebels. A man comes and organizes the gang of rebels into an elite fighting force. The rebels are hard to manage and much of the movie centers around the different, conflicting personalities of all the men. Some of the rebels are even ex-criminals. The commando has to organize the men into a cohesive fighting unit with the goal of successfully completing what some people call suicide missions. The elite unit’s mission is to blow up a bridge that is being guarded by soldiers of the North Vietnamese Army.

The rebels attack the bridge and at first it appears as if they will be successful. However, the North Vietnamese Army sends reinforcements and the fighting is intense. The rebels manage to capture the leader of the North Vietnamese Army. They are then sent out on another mission. Now, they must capture some more of the enemy, in particular two women who know a lot of the enemy’s secrets. One of their prisoners escapes and ends up holding hostage some of the rebels’ women. This makes the situation much more complicated.

The situation gets even more complicated when the North Vietnamese Army splits itself in two and leaves one half attacking the rebels and the other half guarding the fort. The rebels realize that they must band together and attack the fort to get to the commander of the North Vietnamese Army. While attacking the fort, the squad leader of the rebels is captured. Without their leader, the rebels are at first dismayed. They realize that they must ban together to rescue him but they are unsure how to do it. Finally, the rebels decide on a plan of attack. They storm the fort and rescue their leader. They also rescue several prisoners of war, including some women, who have been held by the North Vietnamese Army. The Expendables running time is 89 minutes It is rated R for all the violence and scenes of intense action.

The Expendables
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