The Girl in the Park

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The Girl in the Park tells the story of Julia, a woman suffering from severe depression resulting from the disappearance of her young daughter, Louise, almost sixteen years prior. She goes through the motions of her daily life but finds no joy in anything and has effectively cut all ties with her friends and family. This changes one day when Julia meets a young woman that she believes to be Louise. Clinging to the desperate hope that this stranger is her daughter, Julia immediately becomes involved in Louise's life. In spite of Julia's newfound happiness, her family is instantly suspicious of this woman, whom they suspect is not who Julia claims she is.

| 2007 | 1 min | 6.3/10
Sigourney Weaver, Kate Bosworth, Alessandro Nivola, Keri Russell
David Auburn
Produced By
Bryan Furst, Sean Furst, Dale Rosenbloom
The Girl in the Park
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