The Heroes of Telemark

"Unarmed and outnumbered, they stunned the world with their incredible victory."
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The Heroes of Telemark is a historical action movie. It is based on a true story. During World War II there were many groups which tried to stop the Germans. One group was the Norwegian resistance. This group was tasked with stopping the Germans from developing their own atomic bomb. Based on a true story this is the tale of those fighters who risked it all to make sure the Germans would not rule the world with atomic weapons.

The focus of this story is on those who fought the Germans in any way they could. The Germans with an atomic bomb might have won the war.

| 1965 | 2 hr 11 min | 6.5/10
Kirk Douglas, Richard Harris, Ulla Jacobsson, Michael Redgrave
Anthony Mann
Produced By
Benjamin Fisz
The Heroes of Telemark
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