A Dandy in Aspic

"A Double Agent in Double Danger!"
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A Dandy in Aspic is a dramatic thriller movie. A British agent is assigned to flush out a Russian spy. Eberlin is a British agent who is assigned to find and stop a Russian spy named Krasnevin. Eberlin's partner is a ruthless patriot for his country. Eberlin does not tell his partner he already knows who the Russian is because he is a double agent and his code name is Krasnevin. Over the course of the investigation his partner figures this out.

Double agents betray two countries in their work. An agent and his partner are seeking a Russian spy and one finds out the other is the spy in this thriller.

| 1968 | 1 hr 47 min | 6.2/10
Laurence Harvey, Tom Courtenay, Mia Farrow, Harry Andrews
Anthony Mann
Produced By
Anthony Mann
A Dandy in Aspic
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