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"Do not trust anyone. Do not show emotion. Do not fall asleep."
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“The Invasion” is a film based upon the best-selling novel “The Body Snatchers”. Following a space shuttle crash, an alien life form begins to inhabit people and take control of their bodies. Carol Bennell (Nicole Kidman) notices the strange behavior of the people around her who have now become emotionless and detached. The life form is believed to be the flu, which allows it to spread faster through inoculations.

Ben Driscoll (Daniel Craig) is a scientist that studies the alien organism. Everyone begins to increasingly become more and more disinterested with what is occurring around them. Ben and a fellow scientist discover that the organism attaches itself to the brain during sleep and takes control of the person; people that have had brain illnesses are immune because the life form cannot latch itself on.

Carol’s ex-husband tries to convince of the benefits the changed humans can offer to the world by removing emotions that lead to destructive wars and conflict. Though she refuses to join he forcefully infects her. Carol and Ben begin to search for her son, Oliver, who as fled from his father’s and friend’s homes. Carol eventually finds Oliver and brings him to a pharmacy where she attempts to resist the organism by staying awake as long as possible.

While in the pharmacy, Ben returns after Carol texts him the location but it is immediately apparent that he has become infected. Ben’s friend and fellow scientist rescues Carol and Oliver at the last second from the infected that have surrounded them and transports them back to an army base where Oliver’s blood is used to create a vaccine.

The film concludes one year after the infection arriving, with humanity returned back to its normal violent state. Those that were infected have no memory of what had occurred. Carol and Ben have become a couple; with Carol wondering what the world would have been like without violence.

| 2007 | | 5.9/10 | 45/100
Nicole Kidman, Daniel Craig, Jeremy Northam, Jackson Bond
Oliver Hirschbiegel Uncredited: James McTeigue
Produced By
Joel Silver

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