The Iron Triangle

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The Iron Triangle is a movie that takes place during the Vietnam War. It is a movie about a Viet Cong solder who takes an American prisoner of war named Captain Keene through the jungle to the Viet Cong headquarters. Along the way the two of them form an interesting bond. The Viet Cong soldier, a 17-year-old named Ho, is at first highly distrustful of his American prisoner, and Captain Keene is just as distrustful of Ho. Eventually the two men see that they are each just men and they form a bond. The bond that has formed between the two former enemies creates major problems for both of them. Along the way to the Viet Cong headquarters, during a firefight, Ho lets Captain Keene escape into to Jungle.

Although the relationship between Ho and Captain Keene is the main focus of the movie there are also an interesting relationship between Ho and his superior officer, Khoi. Ho and Khoi do not see eye to eye on how to treat prisoners of war. Ho also believes that Khoi will try and take credit for Ho’s work in the capture of Captain Keene. The disagreement between Ho and Khoi leads to a fight in the jungle while Ho is transporting Captain Keene to the Viet Cong headquarters. After the confrontation between Ho and Khoi, Ho decides to let Captain Keene escape.

The story is based on the confiscated diary of a Viet Cong soldier. The Iron Triangle tells a remarkable story of two enemies that became friends despite their differences. The film boasts award winning actors although they are not the main characters. The Iron Triangle is more from the point of view of the Viet Cong soldier than of the American soldier. The point of view does switch between the two sides but mainly the point of view comes from the Viet Cong.

| 1989 | 1 hr 31 min | 5.9/10
Beau Bridges, Haing S. Ngor, Liem Whatley, Johnny Hallyday
Eric Weston
The Iron Triangle
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