Marvin and Tige

"Sometimes it takes a friend to make the pieces fit"

Marvin Stewart (John Cassavetes), a heavy drinking widower in an unstable life experience and who has seen some better days, ekes out a living by doing odd jobs. He meets Tige Jackson (Gibran Brown), an eleven year old boy from the black community and who was on the brink of killing himself because his mother had just passed away. With virtually nowhere else to go or stay, Tige decides to move in with Marvin. In the process, they develop a very close and often stormy relationship that turned out to be good for both. Marvin decides to also adopt Tige but he contemplates how he is too poor to offer him a decent home. It was necessary because Tige was catching pneumonia.

| 1983 | 1 hr 44 min | 7.0/10
John Cassavetes, Billy Dee Williams, Gibran Brown, Denise Nicholas
Sultan Entertainment
Eric Weston, Wanda Dell
Marvin and Tige
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