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  • PG
  • 1974
  • 1 hr 32 min
  • 5.4  (308)

The Take is an action-packed crime drama directed by Robert Hartford-Davis and released in 1974. Set in Los Angeles, the movie follows the story of an auto mechanic turned vigilante named Billy Dee Williams (as Ruben) who decides to take the law into his own hands after witnessing a brutal murder. Ruben's world is turned upside down when he witnesses the murder of his best friend Stevie (Frankie Avalon), who is embroiled in a turf war between two powerful crime bosses, Eddie (Eddie Albert) and Rico (Vic Morrow). Determined to avenge his friend's death, Ruben embarks on a dangerous mission to bring down both Eddie and Rico and restore justice to the streets.

Throughout the movie, Ruben employs a variety of tactics to gather information and track down the culprits, including putting himself in harm's way and using his skills as a mechanic to dismantle and sabotage the criminal organizations. His investigation leads him deep into the criminal underworld and makes him a target of both Eddie and Rico's gangs.

Meanwhile, Ruben finds an unexpected ally in Julie (Susan Saint James), a beautiful and passionate social worker who shares his desire to see justice served. Together, they work to unravel the web of corruption and violence that has taken hold of the city.

The Take features electrifying chase scenes, explosive action, and intense confrontations with the criminal elements of Los Angeles. The movie is set against a backdrop of gritty urban landscapes, seedy bars, and dark alleys, creating a moody and atmospheric vibe that captures the intensity of the story.

The performances in The Take are top-notch, with a standout performance by Billy Dee Williams as the determined and resourceful Ruben. Eddie Albert brings a menacing intensity to his role as the ruthless crime boss Eddie, while Frankie Avalon delivers a convincing portrayal of a troubled young man caught up in a dangerous world. Susan Saint James shines as the compassionate and fearless Julie, holding her own against the film's tough male leads.

In addition to its thrilling action sequences and strong performances, The Take is also notable for its themes of vigilante justice and social change. Ruben's quest for justice reflects the frustrations of many marginalized communities that have been let down by the legal system and must rely on their own resources to protect themselves.

Overall, The Take is a gripping crime drama that delivers on both action and substance. With its dynamic performances, gritty atmosphere, and topical themes, it remains a standout entry in the genre and a must-see for fans of classic 1970s cinema.

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  • Release Date
  • MPAA Rating
  • Runtime
    1 hr 32 min
  • IMDB Rating
    5.4  (308)