The Linguini Incident

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"He wants to be tied down. She wants to be tied up. It's not what you think."
  • R
  • 1992
  • 1 hr 38 min
  • 6.2  (1,378)

The Linguini Incident, released in 1991, is an offbeat comedy directed by Richard Shepard. The film follows the storyline of Lucy (Rosanna Arquette), a waitress and aspiring escape artist working in a trendy New York restaurant called One for the Road. Lucy is not satisfied with her mundane life and decides to pursue her lifelong dream of becoming a master escape artist in Las Vegas. Her ultimate goal is to perform an awe-inspiring stunt, escaping from a water tank that she sets on fire.

However, Lucy’s dream is constantly thwarted by the reality of her life. She is stuck in a dead-end job and has a series of unsuccessful relationships that have left her jaded and cynical. One day, she meets Monte (David Bowie), a mysterious musician with whom she develops an instant connection. Monte is also a curious character with a somewhat dark past that he keeps hidden from Lucy.

Lucy's life suddenly takes an unexpected turn when she meets Vivian (Eszter Balint), a beautiful woman who claims to be a computer hacker. Vivian convinces Lucy to participate in a heist targeting a safety deposit box located in a high-end jewelry store. The box allegedly contains a fortune in emeralds that Vivian wants to steal.

Lucy is hesitant at first, but her desire for a more thrilling life makes her agree to the heist. However, things get complicated as Vivian’s plan falls apart, and she is arrested during the heist. Lucy is left on her own, with Monty’s help, to make a daring escape from the police and a ruthless underworld figure who wants the emeralds for himself.

The movie is noteworthy for its quirky, non-linear narrative style, and comedic tone. The film’s pacing is fast, and the dialogue is witty, with plenty of one-liners and absurd situations that keep the audience engaged. The humor, although lighthearted, is also tinged with an air of sadness and melancholy, reflecting the characters' dissatisfaction with their lives.

The performances of the three lead actors are commendable, especially Rosanna Arquette as Lucy. She portrays her character’s complex emotions with sensitivity, bringing depth and nuance to her portrayal. David Bowie, as always, exudes a quiet charm and intensity in his role as the enigmatic musician, Monte. Eszter Balint, in her role as Vivian, is equally captivating, with her sharp wit and dry humor.

The film’s soundtrack, composed by Thomas Newman, is another highlight. The music is atmospheric without being intrusive, accentuating the film’s offbeat, whimsical tone. The movie’s cinematography, shot by John Foster, is visually striking, capturing the film’s vibrant energy and urban landscapes.

Despite its mixed reception upon its release, The Linguini Incident stands as a testament to its director’s unique vision and the cast’s excellent performance. The film is a mixture of comedy, drama, and heist film, and its unconventional narrative style sets it apart from others in its genre. It is a quirky, charming, and light-hearted romp through the seedy world of New York’s underground that remains enjoyable almost three decades after its release.

The Linguini Incident
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    1 hr 38 min
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  • IMDB Rating
    6.2  (1,378)