Amazon Women on the Moon

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  • R
  • 1987
  • 1 hr 25 min
  • 6.2  (12,551)
  • 42

In 1987, a hilarious and unique movie was released titled Amazon Women on the Moon. This movie features a star-studded cast including Rosanna Arquette, Michelle Pfeiffer, and Arsenio Hall. The movie is a parody of late-night television shows and B-movies. It is an anthology of several comedic sketches that are tied together by a fictional late-night channel called "Channel 8."

The movie starts with an introduction to the channel and a quick overview of the type of programming they offer. It then moves into the first sketch, which is a parody of a sci-fi B-movie. The sketch features Arsenio Hall as a pilot who crash-lands on the planet of Amazon Women. The women are a tribe of beautiful Amazonian warriors who have never seen a man before. The sketch explores the themes of gender roles, sexism, and cultural differences in a humorous way.

The next sketch is a commercial parody for a new product called "Bullshit." The product is advertised as a cure-all and is marketed towards gullible people who will buy anything. The commercial is filled with over-the-top claims of the product's effectiveness that are clearly false. It is quite hilarious and speaks to the absurdity of modern consumerism.

The third sketch is a parody of late-night TV infomercials, where a young couple played by Rosanna Arquette and Steve Guttenberg purchase a bed that is advertised as being "guaranteed to last a lifetime." However, the bed ends up collapsing and causing chaos and hilarity in the couple's life.

One of the most memorable and iconic sketches in the movie is "Blacks Without Soul." The sketch features Arsenio Hall as a musician who is transformed from a soulful black man into a stereotypical white man after visiting a government agency. The sketch is a commentary on race relations and the pressure to conform to societal expectations.

Another sketch, titled "Son of the Invisible Man," features Ed Begley Jr. as a scientist who creates an invisibility serum. However, after he accidentally ingests the serum, he cannot control his invisibility and ends up causing trouble for both himself and others.

The movie also consists of several comedic fake trailers for movies such as "Mondo Condo," a horror-comedy about tenants fighting for their lives against a crazy landlord, and "Reckless Youth," a teen movie that satirizes cliches commonly found in movies targeted towards a young audience.

The final sketch in the movie is a commentary on censorship and the FCC. It is set up as a news broadcast about the censorship of a film titled "Catholic High School Girls in Trouble." The sketch features several different characters, including a nun and a representative from the FCC, arguing about the film's content and the appropriateness of showing it on television. It is a clever and funny critique of the way censorship is often handled in the media.

Overall, Amazon Women on the Moon is an incredibly funny and unique movie. It is a satire on the absurdities of our culture, from consumerism to censorship to race relations. The sketches are well-written and well-acted, and the cast is fantastic. The movie is a must-see for any fan of comedy or parody movies.

Amazon Women on the Moon
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