A Thousand Acres

"Best friends. Bitter rivals. Sisters."
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The drama entitled A Thousand Acres is centered on the life of a man known as Larry Cook. The film was written by Jane Smiley and directed by Jocelyn Moorhouse. It was produced by the joint collaboration of Marc Abraham and Thomas Bliss. Larry Cook is a very wealthy farmer who lives and works in Iowa. He owns vast pieces of land where he does the farming. One day he gets tired and decides to retire from farming, sell some of his land and share the rest among his three daughters. His daughters include Ginny, Rose and Caroline have different characters as well as interests in life. While Rose and Ginny are very happy about their father’s decision Caroline hates farming so she decides to abandon her inheritance and relocate to Des Moines and pursue her career over there. Rose and Ginny gladly accept their father’s offer and start working very hard to develop their farms, make them very productive and make a living out of it.

When Larry Cook hears about Caroline’s decision he tries to persuade her to change her mind but she refuses. He becomes very angry and tells Caroline he will never be concerned about what she chooses to do with her life even if she fails. He abandons the farm to his daughters and their husbands to take care of it. However after sometime, he becomes bored and starts missing his usual activities at the farm. He starts going back to check how his daughters are taking care of the farm and he is not satisfied. He criticizes everything they do and this makes them angry.

Ginny decides to devote more time to the farm and do things to please her father. This puts a strain on her relationship with her husband and shortly after with her sister Rose. Rose claims Ginny’s husband abused both of them sexually when they were younger. The girls become devastated as a result and their father instead of helping out sues them and regains complete control of his farm and leaves his daughters with nothing.

| 1997 | 1 hr 45 min | 6.1/10
Michelle Pfeiffer, Jessica Lange, Jason Robards, Jennifer Jason Leigh
Jocelyn Moorhouse
Produced By
Marc Abraham, Thomas Bliss
A Thousand Acres
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