O Pioneers!

"The future was stirring in the land... and in her heart."
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Willa Cather's beloved novel O Pioneers comes to life in this TV movie adaptation that holds true to the original story. Heather Graham and Josh Hamilton play the teen-aged Alexandra and Carl, who find their one true love in each other. Alas, circumstances prevent them from being together, though they are never able to forget each other.

Fast forward fifteen years. Alexandra, now played by Jessica Lange, has inherited the family farm after her father passes away. She struggles to make it alone out on the prairie, but is determined to find her fortune there. Carl, now played by David Strathairn, finds his way back to her. As they strive to recapture their younger years, they rekindle their romance, fueled by new desires, and strive to follow the dreams that they once had together.

Then there is the love affair between Emil and Marie, played by Reed Diamond and Anne Heche. Multiple layers within these romances capture the pioneer days of the Scandanavian settlers, so beloved by Cather.

| 1991 | | 6.2/10
Jessica Lange, David Strathairn, Tom Aldredge, Reed Diamond
Glenn Jordan
Produced By
Craig Anderson
O Pioneers!
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