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"From the sensual world of Harold Robbins comes the story of a woman's struggle for fame in Hollywood."
  • R
  • 1983
  • 1 hr 32 min
  • 3.1  (1,273)

The Lonely Lady is a dramatic film from 1983 that tells the story of aspiring screenwriter Jerilee Randall (Pia Zadora). Jerilee dreams of making it big in Hollywood, but her journey towards success is riddled with disappointment, betrayal, and heartbreak. The movie begins with Jerilee as a high school student writing a steamy novel that attracts the attention of her English teacher, Walter Thornton (Lloyd Bochner). Walter encourages Jerilee in her writing and becomes her mentor, but their relationship quickly takes a dark turn when he forces himself on her. Traumatized, Jerilee drops out of school and moves to Hollywood, determined to make a name for herself.

In Hollywood, Jerilee meets and falls in love with film producer Vincent Dacosta (Jared Martin), who promises to make her a star. But Vincent is already married and only uses Jerilee for sex, leaving her heartbroken when he ultimately chooses his wife over her.

Determined to succeed on her own, Jerilee submits her screenplay to various studios but faces constant rejection. Frustrated and desperate, Jerilee sleeps with the head of the studio, George Ballantine (Raymond Serra), in exchange for a green light on her script. But when the movie is released to poor reviews, Jerilee is blacklisted in Hollywood and forced to return to her small hometown.

Back in her hometown, Jerilee spirals into depression and alcoholism. But with the help of her mother (Bibi Besch), she eventually overcomes her addiction and starts writing again. Her new screenplay, based on her own experiences, becomes a critical and commercial success, catapulting Jerilee back to Hollywood's spotlight.

However, in the end, Jerilee must confront the demons of her past and the people who have hurt her. She realizes that success may not bring the happiness she has always dreamed of and that true fulfillment comes from within.

The Lonely Lady received negative reviews upon its release and was widely criticized for its poor acting, writing, and direction. Despite this, the film has gained a cult following over the years and is often viewed as a so-bad-it's-good classic. Pia Zadora, who won a Razzie Award for Worst Actress for her performance, has since embraced her role in the film and even performed a musical number from it at the ceremony.

Overall, The Lonely Lady is a compelling but flawed drama that explores the darker side of Hollywood and the sacrifices one must make to achieve success in the entertainment industry. While it may not be a masterpiece, it offers an interesting glimpse into the world of Hollywood screenwriting and the struggles that women face in a male-dominated industry.

The Lonely Lady
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    3.1  (1,273)