The Lost Honour of Christopher Jefferies

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This drama tells the real-life story of retired schoolteacher Christopher Jefferies who was initially questioned by police as a suspect in the murder of Jo Yeates who rented a flat from him. He was vilified by the press, partly on account of his eccentric appearance and long flowing hair, even after he had been released on bail by the police. It was only when the real suspect, a neighbor of Jo Yeates, was arrested and later convicted of the murder that the destructive media attention in Jefferies subsided. He later sued several newspapers for libel and received an official apology from the police.

2014 | 1 hr 54 min | 7.9/10
Jason Watkins, Shaun Parkes, Ben Caplan, Nathalie Armin
Roger Michell
The Lost Honour of Christopher Jefferies
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Also starring Jason Watkins

Also starring Shaun Parkes