The Love Machine

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The Love Machine is a dramatization of Jacqueline Susan’s novel about a man and his many love affairs. In the beginning of the film, anchorman Robin Stone works at a major television network where he encounters an array of women, including the wife of a network executive named Judith Austin. Seeing that Stone has potential for advancement, Judith asks her husband to promote him in the network. It is not too long after that Stone starts to build a reputation for being a ladies man, having intimate encounters with women that he works with at the network. Although there is a lot of gossip among the ladies who would be next to encounter Robin Stone, it's not long until he sets his sights on Judith Austin.

When Mr. Austin is taken to the hospital after going into cardiac arrest, Robin sees an opportunity to start up an extramarital affair with Judith. The affair goes on while Mr. Austin is receiving care in the hospital. When Robin's girlfriend Amanda catches Robin in bed with Judith Austin, she discovers what is going on at the network. Robin starts to think that going to bed with as many women as he wants is a poor substitute for true love. He soon begins to resent how his life turned out. After Robin begins getting promoted in the television network, he begins to understand why Amanda left him after he broke her heart.

Both the novel and the film are a cautionary tale about the dangers of sexual excess and a depiction of the Sexual Revolution of the 1970s in America. The film plot also reveals the social changes between men and women during the backdrop of massive political change during this time period in history.

| 1971 | 1 hr 48 min | 4.7/10
John Phillip Law, Dyan Cannon, Robert Ryan, Jackie Cooper
Jack Haley, Jr.
Produced By
M.J. Frankovich, Irving Mansfield (executive producer)
The Love Machine
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