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  • PG
  • 1980
  • 1 hr 35 min
  • 5.1  (474)

Coast to Coast is a heartwarming comedy-drama released in 1980 that portrays the story of an estranged couple who reluctantly reunites to drive their son across the country. The movie is directed by Joseph Sargent and produced by Martin Poll. The film begins in California, where Madie (Dyan Cannon) and Benjamin (Robert Blake) are seen bidding farewell to their teenage son, Phillip (Robbie Wolcott), who is on his way to attend a military school on the East Coast. However, Phillip gets expelled from the school for stealing a car, and in a fit of desperation, Madie and Benjamin decide to drive across the country to bring their son back home.

As they hit the road, Madie and Benjamin bicker and argue relentlessly, highlighting their differences and issues with one another. Madie is shown as a hot-headed, impulsive woman, who loves to talk, while Benjamin is portrayed as a quieter, more serious man who prefers to keep his thoughts to himself. They both have their reasons for being angry at each other, and their differences are further amplified by the challenges they face on the road.

Along their way, they encounter various obstacles that further worsen their situation. They get lost while driving through a cornfield, are repeatedly pulled over by cops for speeding and wrongly accused of car theft, and Madie's over-enthusiastic driving leads to a comical car accident.

Adding variety to the story, the film introduces them to several characters throughout their journey who offer them nuggets of advice and help them understand each other's point of view. A hitchhiking ex-marine, played by Quinn K. Redeker, offers them a ride and becomes a mediator between the warring couple, helping them realize their mistakes and tolerating each other's annoying quirks.

The movie offers us a comical and entertaining insight into family dynamics and relationships. The chemistry between the two lead actors, Cannon and Blake, is impeccable, and they deliver the right balance of emotions that make the audience invested in their journey of reconciliation. In the end, the couple's long-overdue reconciliation is beautiful and rewarding, and it results in a touching and vibrant finale.

Overall, Coast to Coast is a charming, feel-good movie that explores the complexities of families and relationships in a whimsical and comical way, while also noting the struggles that come with aging and nostalgia. Despite its simple plotline, the film manages to keep the viewer engaged in the life of the characters and their voyage of self-discovery.

Coast to Coast
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