Coast to Coast

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Coast to Coast is a comedy that was written by Stanley Weiser and directed by Joseph Sargent, featuring Dyan Cannon and Robert Blake. The story follows Madie Levrington (played by Dyan Cannon) who is a very wealthy and neurotic woman. She had been committed to a mental institution in New York by her husband. Benjamin wants to ensure that she does not divorce him and take away his money.

Madie escapes the institution, hitching a ride on a truck filled with livestock, driven by Charles Callahan (played by Robert Blake). Before he realizes that she is on the truck, he becomes aware that she has escaped through a CB radio. He also learns that there is a substantial reward should she be returned.

Since he is in debt, he meets up with people who are trying to get Madie back and obtains some of the reward money. However, things are complicated as he is also falling for her, teaching her how to drive the truck.

Madie finds the money Charles got and has no idea how he got all this money. He finally admits how he got it and tries to tell her that he didn't want it. Madie does not believe his story and drives off without him in his truck.

Charles hitches a ride on a motorcycle driven by an older man. Madie drives the truck back to her husband and find he is having a backyard party. He begs her to stop the truck, however, she drives through the party, knocking down everyone and everything in her path. Finally, she rams the truck right through the entire house.

Benjamin attempts to choke Madie to death, but Charles stops him. Madie then tells everyone that it is Charles who actually drove the truck. Meanwhile, they manage to get away, but run into the repo man who takes the truck away, leaving them stranded.

| 1980 | 1 hr 35 min | 5.4/10
Dyan Cannon, Robert Blake, Quinn K. Redeker, Michael Lerner
Joseph Sargent
Produced By
Jon Avnet, Steve Tisch
Coast to Coast
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