Hollywood North

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Hollywood North tells a tale of Bobby Myers, a former man of the law, who is attempting to make a giant leap from his former profession, into the extremely challenging world of film production. Set in the late 1970's, Hollywood North conveys the sad reality of just how tough it was to produce a quality, respected movie in Canada at the time. Due to the country's movie industry being in a period of birth, Myers is absolutely struggling to gather the right cast, the right finances, and the right resources to produce his life's passion. Telling a tale of determination and strive, Hollywood North is a movie that exudes inspiration and the notion of never giving up.

| 2003 | 1 hr 29 min | 5.4/10
Matthew Modine, Saul Rubinek, Alan Bates, Joe Cobden
Peter O'Brian
Produced By
John Gillespie
Hollywood North
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Also starring Saul Rubinek