The Man Who Loved Women

A French comedic drama about a compulsive woman chaser. There are an unusual number of women present at the funeral of Bertrand Morane, a forty year old aviation engineer. Through a series of flashbacks narrated by the deceased himself, in the form of excerpts from his recently written memoirs, we see the story of his life and numerous conquests. We also see that he was a lover of women, but incapable of making a commitment, chasing after his conquests with a compulsive fervor and get a hint about the events of his childhood that may have made him this way.

| 1977 | 2 hr | 7.5/10
Charles Denner, Brigitte Fossey, Nelly Borgeaud, Geneviève Fontanel
Francois Truffaut
The Man Who Loved Women
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