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"It took an accident to make this man President of the United States. What they do to him now won't be an accident."
  • G
  • 1972
  • 1 hr 33 min
  • 6.9  (390)

The Man from 1972 is a suspenseful political thriller starring James Earl Jones, Martin Balsam, and Burgess Meredith. The film opens with President Richard Nixon, played by an actor in a cameo role, delivering a speech on nuclear disarmament negotiations. The president's speechwriter, Doug, played by Earl Jones, is struggling to come up with a response to the Soviet Union's demands.

Meanwhile, a group of American diplomats is taken hostage in a South American country, and the U.S. government is forced to negotiate for their release. The leader of the kidnappers, played by Balsam, is a mysterious figure known only as "The General." The General demands that the U.S. government assassinate the country's president in exchange for the release of the hostages.

Doug is sent down to South America to negotiate with The General. He is accompanied by an old friend and colleague, Tom, played by Meredith. Tom is a retired CIA operative and provides Doug with valuable insight into navigating the dangerous political landscape of South America.

As they navigate their way through the hostile territory, Doug and Tom uncover a web of deception and corruption at the highest levels of government. They realize that the situation is much more complicated than they initially thought, and they begin to question who they can trust.

The film builds tension as Doug and Tom race against time to negotiate the release of the hostages and prevent an international crisis. Jones delivers a powerful performance as a man struggling to come to terms with his own moral compass in the face of high stakes diplomacy. Balsam is compelling as the ruthless and mysterious General who holds the fate of the hostages in his hands.

Meredith provides moments of levity and wisdom as a seasoned operative who has seen it all. The chemistry between Jones and Meredith is one of the highlights of the film and provides a welcome relief from the tension of the negotiations.

The Man from 1972 is a well-crafted political thriller that explores complex themes of morality, loyalty, and patriotism. It's a reminder that diplomacy is often a messy business with high stakes and no easy answers. The film's dramatic climax is both surprising and satisfying, leaving the audience to ponder the lessons learned from this intense and thought-provoking thriller.

In conclusion, The Man from 1972 is a masterful political thriller that still holds up today. It features powerhouse performances from James Earl Jones, Martin Balsam, and Burgess Meredith and explores complex themes of morality and loyalty. The tense negotiations and moments of unexpected drama keep the audience on the edge of their seats until the very end. This film is a must-see for fans of political thrillers and those interested in exploring the murky world of high-stakes diplomacy.

The Man
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